Loading cargo at Nordlaks

Find informations regarding cargo loading below

❅ Notice regarding winter conditions

All trucks loading cargo at Nordlaks during the winter may be checked to ensure they meet Norwegian regulations regarding:

  • Tyre tread depth

  • Winter tires

  • Snow chains

Nordlaks may refuse loading of trucks that do not meet Norwegian regulations on road safety, and we will report nonconformity to the transport company, transport organizer and the customer if relevant.

Read more about the specific requirements in the Truckers Guide (see below) or on the website of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA).

In addition, starting from november 15th 2020, Nordlaks will start refusing to load two-axle trucks in the winter period 15. November to 31. April. The decision has been communicated in advance of the cut-off date to all relevant customers and logistics partners.

Nordlaks wills tart to refuse loading of two-axle trucks starting from November 15th 2020.

Important dates

  • 15. November to 31. April: Three axles are required on all trucks (requirement specific to Nordlaks).

  • 15. November to 31. March: Winter tires are required on all axles.

  • 16. October to 31. April: Tyre tread depth of at least 5 mm.

  • 16. October to 31. April, and in the event of winter conditions outside this time period: The required amount of snow chains must be available on the truck.

Traffic information

Trucker´s guide

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration have published the attached trucker´s guides, with an overview of Norwegian legislation and other relevant information for truckers.

How to get here

Industriveien 14
Stokmarknes, Nordland, 8450

Google maps link: https://goo.gl/maps/7DA6R64ZRE62

When waiting for cargo

I want to talk to the logistics manager.

A telephone with a direct line to the logistics manager is located on the wall to the left of the loading ramps. Instructions for use is published on the wall.

I want to call the logistics manager with my own phone.

Please feel free to call us on + 47 76 11 81 08 (direct line to logistics).

I want to use your WC/shower.

WC is available next to the main entrance. The main entrance is located around the corner of the building, to the right of the loading ramps. Shower is available monday to friday between 07.00 and 15.00. Please consult the reception inside the main entrance. We are currently constructing a new terminal, including new facilities for truck drivers waiting to load cargo at Nordlaks. The new facilities will be operational in 2022.