For over 30 years, Nordlaks has been one of Norway's largest producers of high quality salmon.

Our focus

Improving every step of our value chain.

By developing new technology and new production methods, we develop not only solutions for our own company, but for the entire blue industry.

The journeybegan in 1989 - when Inge Berg founded our first fish farm in VesterĂ¥len in Northern-Norway.

The equipment was partly homemade, and the feed was transported out to the cages in a rowing boat and fed out by hand.

Today we are still a family-owned company leading innovation in our industry with the Ocean Farm put into operation in 2020.

Nordlaks is an important cornerstone company in our region, with more than 800 employees.

Arctic quality
and sustainability.

The entire value chain takes place above the arctic circle.

Our headquarter is located in Stokmarknes, VesterĂ¥len. We operate parent fish facilities, land based smolt facilities farming at traditional and exposed locations (Ocean Farm), wellboats, harvesting plant, VAP production, and sales and distribution. We strive to make every step of the value chain as efficient and sustainable as possible.

We supply fresh whole salmon, frozen whole salmon, and VAP products to more than 40 countries worldwide.

How can we produce healthy, safe and tasty food for a growing population?

Consumers are increasingly demanding simple, nutritious and environmentally friendly food. That makes the salmon an important part of the solution for a sustainable food production.

Despite the fact that the ocean covers 70% of the earth's surface, we only get 5% of our food from the ocean. This means that we who operate in the blue industry have an important role to produce more food for a growing global population.

In 2020, we introduced Havfarmen (the Ocean Farm) - a movable, floating steel construction that is 385 meters long and 60 meters wide. It holds more than 400,000 cubic meters of water, and thus has the capacity to house 10,000 tonnes of salmon. Havfarmen allows farming in new and exposed areas not suitable for traditional farms.

Creating the future.

Our vision is creating the future: We believe that salmon production can contribute to solving global and local challenges in food production.

Therese Berg

We believe that salmon is the solution when it comes to safeguarding the world`s food supply as the most sustainable protein with the lowest possible climate footprint, for developing our local communities, and as a healthy and tasty food to the world.

Together we create the future: For local communities, for the world's food production, for the environment, for our customers and as healthy food for most people.