Nordlaks works continuously to become more sustainable. Below you can read about our certifications, and what these entail, as well as which of our locations are ASC certified.


Global G.A.P. certification is an international standard that safeguards production at all stages of the value chain. It deals with animal welfare and health, food safety, environmental protection, as well as employee health and welfare. This certificate shows that production at Nordlaks complies with the standard`s requirements in all respect.


The ASC standard sets strict requirements for responsible and sustainable production of salmon. It focuses on animal welfare, and environmental and social conditions. There is a requirement that Nordlaks is transparent, and that we annually report data from our plants and facilities. Nordlaks Sales AS and Nordlaks Produkter AS are certified according to the MSC Chain of Custody standard, and must maintain the ASC certification throughout the value chain.

Cápsulas de zumo compatibles con Dolce Gusto® 100% Naturales - Zutec®IFS Food

The IFS Food Standard assesses the products and production processes to evaluate a food manufacturer’s ability to produce safe, authentic and quality products in accordance with legal requirements and customer specifications. It supports companies in meeting the increasing demands for transparency and traceability in the market and helps to improve product integrity and increase efficiency. Nordlaks Produkter AS is IFS certified. IFS Food meets the criteria of the Global Food Safety Initiative – GFSI.


HACCP - A.M.M.53


The HACCP system is an internationally recognized system for hazard analysis and risk assessment within the food industry, particularly with regard to contamination by microorganisms, foreign substances and foreign bodies. The system helps us to ensure that all the food safety risks of our products are known, prevented, eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level.


GMP+ logo


Kosher certification is the stamp of kosher approval by a rabbinical agency that confirms that they have checked the products’ ingredients, manufacturing facilities and actual production to ensure that all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no traces of non-kosher substances. The Kosher certified symbol assures consumers that both the actual product and its production comply with all requirements of Kosher law.


GMP+ logo

GMP+ certification

The approval shows that we produce safe feed ingredients in accordance with customer specifications and legal requirements. We achieve this through continuous improvements, high competence, a living quality system and sustainable solutions.


FDA approval

The approval shows that salmon produced at Nordlaks Produkter AS is approved for export to the USA.

The ASC-standard (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) have certain demands on monitoring our locations. Below is a list of our ASC-certified locations.


Located in Tysfjorden, north of Forsaneset in Hamarøy municipality in Nordland county.