Vision and goals

We create the future.

Based in Stokmarknes, we have activities from breeding work at one end to sales and marketing of first-class salmon products at the other. Nordlaks will develop the company, we will contribute to the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry, and Northern Norway which is our home.

Our values: fairresponsible and innovative.

  • Fair by being inclusive, respect diversity, honesty and care for our colleagues and others
  • Responsible by being reliable, open and take responsibility on behalf of the company, society and nature
  • Innovative by constantly seeking new opportunities to develop our value chain

We create the future, and we believe that salmon is a part of the solution for the future challenges:

  • To safeguard the world’s food supply
  • To develop our local communities
  • To offer a healthy and tasty food to the world
  • To support our customers
  • To supply the most sustainable protein with the lowest possible climate footprint

Salmon is the solution to the challenges of the future, and this is in line with our vision: We create the future
– For local communities, for the world’s food production, for the environment, for our customers and as healthy food for most people.