Salmon lice laser number 1000 installed at Nordlaks

Nordlaks continues to focus on future-oriented technology for increased fish welfare.
Lasers against salmon lice are part of this, and Stingray recently installed laser no. 1000 at Nordlaks.

The lice lasers from Stingray Marine Solutions AS have gained an ever better foothold along the entire coast and the technology has set a new standard for preventive and continuous lice control.
The technology, also known as the Fish Health Station, currently monitors and protects more than 50 million salmon and trout around the clock, so that farmers can optimize their production in a sustainable way.

– This is an important and great event for both Nordlaks and Stingray, says general manager of Stingray, John Arne Breivik, when laser number 1000 now finds its home at the site of Litjevika, south-east of Senja. We hope and expect that this will contribute to significantly lower lice pressure and continuous removal of salmon lice also at this location, in a gentle way and without handling the fish, he explains.

Nordlaks, which has its head office in Hadsel in VesterĂ¥len, is Norway’s largest privately owned farming company and in recent years has distinguished itself with a major investment in forward-looking technology and sustainable solutions. Examples of this are the well-known Havfarmen and a targeted doubling of the recycling rate of farmed nuts for everything from car parts to swimwear.

– Finding gentle ways to get rid of salmon lice is a challenge for the entire aquaculture industry and we are happy that we are constantly getting better tools, such as the lasers from Stingray, to help us. Because we believe in lasers as part of a holistic, effective fight against salmon lice, we are constantly increasing the number of lasers, says area manager for Troms i Nordlaks, Trond Edvardsen.

Nordlaks’s work to ensure the world’s most sustainable food production and fish welfare is an important part of that work. – We want our salmon to be as well as possible throughout their lives. Getting rid of salmon lice with a laser does not affect the fish negatively and that is crucial for us, says Edvardsen.

Stingray has a stated goal of contributing to Norwegian aquaculture technology continuing to be a world leader and that the company leads the way with useful innovations that provide added value for farmers and strengthen Norway’s competitive advantages with sustainable seafood production from open cages at sea.